In the 1990’s the building was again refurbished to house international students coming to the UK for the first time for study.

The existing building comprised 5 storey’s (including basement) with stone and brick facades, U-shaped in plan with a central courtyard.

The works began with the demolition of the existing rear and the construction of a new 6 storey extension within the courtyard to provide extra accommodation.

An additional floor at roof level behind the retained front elevation roof slopes was then added to the remaining 5 storey building to reach the same level as the extension.

Further improvements to the building included the relocation and enhancement of the Chapter 1 office, construction of a new lift shaft within the central section of the building.

Final stages of the project involved a new central courtyard and open roof communal area. To enhance the courtyard amenity space a new feature façade was added to the rear of the building.

During the works the dull and grimy stonework was cleaned and renovated.