Seminar: Emma Simpson – The Repair Of Historic Brickwork

We were delighted to be able to have Emma Simpson of Simpson Brickwork Conservation Ltd come and speak at one of our Seminars.

For nearly 20 years, Emma has been specialising in conservative repair of historic brickwork on some on England’s most famous buildings such as Hampton Court Palace and Kensington Palace.  Her early career afforded her the opportunity to work on some truly iconic monuments in England such as Cambridge University, St. Pancras Station and Queen Anne’s Summerhouse which went on to be a Project Winner of RICS East of England, 2010 Building Conservation Award and Brick Development Association and the 2010 Best Refurbishment and Renovation Project.

In this seminar, Emma explored in detail some of the issues she has encountered on a range of projects from Gauged Arches to Decorative Chimneys whilst also covering some typical defects and reasons for failure, when to intervene and how much, the importance of recording, matching materials and repair techniques ranging from minimal intervention to full-scale replacement.

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