Smithfield Market Seminar

Our recent seminar on Smithfield Market given by Clem Cecil of ‘SAVE Britain’s Heritage’ received an excellent response. Many in attendance praised SAVE, their partners and their contributors for their commitment and vigour in ensuring the protection of this historic building as well as their dedication to finding an appropriate proposal for the markets reuse.

In her talk, Clem gave an extremely detailed and clear account of the history of the market buildings, from their initial design and use through to the present day. She explained the recent scheme by Henderson Global Investors and illustrated how it could have destroyed the visual and architectural integrity of the buildings and the surrounding area.

The talk came shortly before SAVE’s release of its 2015 ‘Buildings at Risk’ Catalogue which provides details of some of the most endangered listed buildings throughout the UK. Further information regarding SAVE’s work and the 2015 Buildings at Risk catalogue can be found Here.

We are very grateful to Clem for agreeing to give her wonderful talk at our offices and continue to support the work of SAVE in helping to safeguard the future of some of Britain’s most important Heritage buildings.