The Winter Gardens at Langley Park

Our project at Langley Park continues, converting the existing building into a high quality hotel and creating a new spa and other facilities, a vast underground facility below ground level. The Winter Garden which will serve as a function room and venue in connection with the hotel has an elegant roof which was made a very early use of mild steel. This building is a late 1800s addition to the Main House at Langley and is grade II* listed.  The main trusses are formed from plates and angles riveted together to create an “I” section approx. 600mm deep. The repair works comprise  of the blast cleaning of the original beams and trusses, the like-for-like replacement of the parts beyond repair and the conservation of the original parts which were suitable to be re-used. To do so, the sub-contractor Shepley Metalwork dismantled the roof and took it to their workshop in Barnsley were the steel has been cleaned and made ready for our inspection.

Each component has been inspected and the extent of the repairs agreed and marked on the various pieces. The corroded portions have been cut out and used as a template to cut and bend the replacement steel, which has been welded and bolted in place with Tension Control Bolts (TCB) which re-create the original rivet-like appearance of the connections. Once the repair works are concluded, the steel elements will be coated and  painted with a full anti-corrosion system specifically developed by Sherwin Williams and re-erected on site using the original connection arrangements with new bolts. The replacement of the gutter forms part of the works. The existing cast iron gutter has been dismantled and disposed of, and a new wider stainless steel gutter has been specifically designed to support the roof and provide safe access for maintenance. The new roof will feature double glazing at the lantern and Danpalon (polycarbonate) panels for the external curved parts.